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WDHA High Point Award

 1.  Points are earned based on earning a ribbon and will be counted only in the divisions entered.

2.  Horses must be registered Purebred or Half Arabian/Anglo-Arabian.

3.  Futurity/Maturity placings will count toward their respective halter or performance divisions.

4.  Last owner winning points will receive the awards, but must be a WDHA member in good standing. High Point Secretary must be promptly notified of change of ownership.

5.  Horses nominated must be owned or leased by a member of WDHA in good standing. 

6.  Handlers and riders/trainers must also be members of WDHA in good standing. Exception for Open Shows ONLY: If the exhibitor is a junior (18 and under) exhibitor that shows a horse not owned by their family. Fees for associate memberships for the high point exhibitor requirement should be directly deposited or transferred into high point for use toward that calendar year high point awards. 

7.  Horses must be nominated before the time of winning points or the points will not count. 

8.  Points MUST be reported within 30 days of winning points or points will not count. Applies to each show entered. 

9.  Fees must be paid at time of nomination. 

10.  All points are to be sent directly to the High Point Secretary. The length of time for points to have accumulated is November 1, prior year through October 31, current year. The length of time for final points to be reported is November 1, year prior through November 1, year current. NO points will be accepted for program year if postmarked after November 1, current year. 

11.  Participants may check their points with the secretary at any time during the year, but questions about other participants will not be answered. 

12.  Exhibitor points will accumulate in all divisions that the horse is nominated in, including equitation and horsemanship classes. 

13.  Division 1 (PB Western Pleasure) and Division 5 (PB Huntseat Pleasure) are divided into two categories: Rated Shows or Open Shows. Please indicate which category you will be competing in on your nomination form. If you compete in both, both must be entered. 

14.  The WDHA Futurity/Maturity/Open Show may be counted in either open or rated divisions, depending on what you have entered. Please specify on the reporting form. Open classes use the “Open Show” points doubled and the Futurity/Maturity classes use the “WDHA Futurity & Maturity classes” doubled.


WDHA Legion of Merit

The WDHA High Point Trophy to be given to all horses winning 1,500 points in the High Point System. The Legion of Merit is open to registered PB and Half Arabian/Anglo Arabians. A $50.00 entry fee is required the first year, thereafter a $40 renomination fee will be required. Fees will be adjusted as necessary.

WDHA Legion of Supreme Merit

The WDHA Supreme Legion of Merit requires an additional 3,000 points. These points can start to be accumulated after the Legion of Merit has been earned. It may be entered the same year the Legion of Merit is completed, however no points will be awarded for the SLOM from the same show that the LOM was completed at. A $65.00 entry fee is required the first year, thereafter a $55.00 re-nomination fee will be required. Fees will be adjusted as necessary.


Ambassador Award

The Wisconsin Desert Horse Association (WDHA) Ambassador Award was created in 1992. It is an annual award made by the club President according to the criteria listed below. The horse receiving the award must be a registered Purebred, Half, or Anglo Arabian owned by a WDHA club member.

Deadline for 2017 Nominations is October 31, 2017.

Submit your nominations to:

Shelly Lehman

N7965 St Rd 76

Bear Creek, WI 54922

The criteria for the WDHA ambassador Awards is as follows:

  1.  The owner is a voting member of WDHA in good standing.
  2. The nominated horse has been an outstanding Ambassador for the Arabian breed in one or more of the following areas:

  • The horse has demonstrated the versatility of the Arabian or Half/Anglo Arabian in an area that is unique.
  • The horse has an outstanding history in competition.
  • The horse has promoted the breed to the general public in areas outside the usual breed/horse show circuit.
  • The horse has been an outstanding family horse and family friend.

WDHA Challenge Award

The Challenge Award is designed for those members who enjoy trail riding and horse related activities other than showing.


  1. Scheduled Trail Rides - 20 points per ride.
  2. Parades - 20 points per parade (10 additional points if a placing is received).
  3. Pleasure Drives - 20 points per event
  4. Clinics/Demonstrations - 20 points per event
  5. Home Trail Riding/Driving - 1 point per mile or 5 points per hours.


  1. The Grand Challenge Award recognizes accumulated points with recognitions at 250, 500, 750, and a trophy at 1000 points.
  2. Points are accumulated from year to year.
  3. the horse must be entered in the Challenge Award division to accumulate points towards the Grand Challenge Award.
  4. A $25.00 nomination fee is required the first year. Thereafter, a $15.00 renomination fee is required each year. These fees are in addition to the fee required to enter the Challenge Award division. Fees may be adjusted as necessary.


  1. Nominated horse must be registered Purebred/Half/Anglo Arabian owned or leased by a member of WDHA in good standing.
  2. Rider or driver must be a member of WDHA in good standing.
  3. Horse must be nominated for the appropriate award before any points will be accumulated.
  4. To nominated your horse for the Challenge Award, use the High Point Nominating Form and enter Division 3.
  5. Endurance/Competitive Trail horses can NOT be entered into the Challenge Award division.
  6. All points are to be sent directly to the High Point Secretary. Points are accumulated from November 1st through October 31st. Points may be reported from November 1st through November 30th of the following year. No points for the current year will be accepted if postmarked after November 30th.
  7. Scheduled Trail rides and pleasure drives are scheduled, organized rides or drives, they are NOT competitive events. The form should be signed by the ride management.
  8. Participation with a horse in a parade will receive 20 points. Form should be signed by parade management. 10 extra points are allowed if a placing in the parade is earned. 
  9. Participation WITH A HORSE in a clinic or demonstration will receive 20 points. Form to be signed by managing person.
  10. Home trail riding must be done outside and excludes indoor or outdoor rings or arenas. One point per mile or 5 points per hour will be awarded with a limit of one horse per day accumulating points. A log must be kept and signed (by parent or guardian if a minor). This is to be done on the honor system.
  11. You cannot accumulate double points, i.e. a scheduled trail ride will count for 20 points, not mileage in addition.
  12. Competitive events held with a pleasure ride or drive may count toward a regular High Point Division, but do not count toward Challenge Award points. Parade placings are the only exception.

High Point Secretary: Shelly Lehman, N7965 State Rd 76, Bear Creek, WI 54922 (715) 752-3368